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Persuasive Speech-Immigration Law of 1965


Tribute Speech

Tribute Speech

Thesis: I want to present a world famous actor Jackie Chan. I want to talk about his background information and his family, and how he becomes successful and why he can use the unique personality to inspire many people. I will introduce his parents’ influence to him and what kind of person he is through his son and his wife. Later, I will use couple his representative movies as the examples. Finally, how the numbers of his fans all over the world that views of Jackie Chan. 


Informative Speech

First Informative Speech

Major and Career Interests:
1.  teaching
2. web-site design
3. information systems
4. technology trainer
5. computer aided design

Hobbies and Activities:
1. social networking
2. rowing
3. Big Sisters
4. organization
5. bird watching
6. photography

Issues and Concerns:
1. endangered birds
2. child abuse
3. personal privacy on the Internet
4. water pollution
5. parenting and educationTopic of Major and Career interest: Website design, teaching, and technology trainer. 

Topic of Hobbies and Activities: Big sisters, bird watching, and photography.

Topic of Issues and Concerns: Endangered birds, water pollution, and child abuse. 


Goal Statement: Topic(teaching)-to let the audience understands how important of teaching and how teaching will change the student’s destiny and lead them to the right direction.          Topic(endangered bird)-how as a human being to protect and use his or her power to save the life of birds.      Topic(water pollution-how water pollution effects people.